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Blood impurities are a leading cause of skin problems. Hem Pure blood purifying syrup is a safe and effective way to get clear and healthy skin from within. A great source for overall well-being, Hem Pure is known for its premier quality. The syrup has the goodness of Karela, Neem Patra, Haridra, Loh Bhasm, Mandoor Bhasm and many otheringredients which are known for their beneficial properties. Get problem free, glowing skin and pure blood with Hem Pure

Each 10ml contains: Sariva 40 mg, Karela 40 mg, Neem 80 mg, Chopchini 30 mg, Gorakhmundi 10 mg, Bakuchi 60 mg, Haridra 30 mg, Palak 30mg, Bathua 30mg, Gandhak rasayan ) (F.A.I) 30 mg, Shishapa 10 mg, Suranjan 30 mg, In a flavoured sugar syrup base q.s.

Removes Blood Impurities Blood Impurities, Removes Pimples and Itching from the body, Playing effective role in removing Eczema.

Pack size
200 ml