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Biolife offers exclusive completely natural, multi-ingredient formulation that is absolutely safe and effective to improve memory. It enhances the learning capabilities and also improves concentration. This 100% natural formulation is also effective to balance alertness and calmness of mind. The product supports the brain function in both normal and demanding situations. It is effective in cases of loss of memory in old age and also helpful for people with the tendency to forget things all of a sudden.

Each 10ml. contains: Brahmi 500mg, Shankhpushpi 500mg, Vach 300mg, Ashwagandha 50mg, Sandal 20 mg, Jatamanshi 50mg, yotismati 50 mg, Triphala 50 mg, Sugar Syp. Base q.s.

Enhance the concentration ability to feed and recall in the brain, Improve mind alertness and boost own natural memory, Its helps to achieving a more calm and relaxed mind.

Pack size
200 ml