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A perfect amalgamation of care and nourishment – Leucolife capsules. Enriched with the goodness of natural ingredients like lau bhasam, haridra, vidang, palash, lodhra etc. these capsules deliver targeted results. The capsules are formulated under the supervision and guidance of experts. Thus, you can be rest assured that you get nothing less than perfection.

Each 10ml contains : Ashok chhal 800 mg, Lodhra 250 mg, Khadir 150 mg, Shatavar 150 mg, Haridra 100 mg, Udumber 100 mg, Agnimantha 100 mg, Patla 100 mg, Sonth 30 mg, Nagkeshar 130 mg, Daru Haldi 130 mg, Flavoured sugar syrup base q.s.

Corrects Leucorrhoea of any Actiology, Provides Vital valvo-vaginal support, Manages effectively predominant Anxiety/Low back pain & general weakness, Neutralizes vaginal pH, Correct “ANAEMIA”, Checks out excess vaginal secretions.

Pack size
200 ml