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A well balanced combination of scientifically researched Medicinal Herbs which provide protective action to the Liver. Livron effectively treats infectious hepatitis including hepatitis-B infection and prevents further liver damage. Livron ensures faster and complete recovery from alcohol induced hepatic damages. Livron provides immuno-booster & hepato-protective properties with potent anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory effects.

Each 5 ml contains: Bhumi Amla 250 mg, Punarnava 200 mg, Giloy 200 mg, Sylimarin 70 mg, Pipapda 200 mg , Makoy 200 mg , Bhringraj 200 mg, Shrpunkha 200 mg, Kasni 200 mg , Chitramool 200 mg.

Improves Liver Function, Stimulates Appetite, Accelerates Diuretic Activity, Minimises Fatty Infiltration and Congestion of Liver, Helpful in Alcoholic Liver Damage & General Liver Dysfunctions.

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200 ml