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Presenting Norcid – antacid syrup for effective relief from heartburn, acidity, indigestion and sour stomach. Made with natural ingredients that are known for their beneficial properties, Norcid is the one stop solution for all your acidity and gas related problems. The syrup contains Mulethi, Amla, Nisoth etc. and is known for its effective and targeted action. Bid goodbye to heartburn and acidity with Norcid antacid.

Each 10ml contains : Amla 150mg, Nisoth 100mg, Mulethi 750mg, Kapardika Bhasma (A.F.I) 50mg, Shankh Bhasma (A.F.I) 30mg, Praval Pisthi 50mg, Kamdudha Ras 50mg, Flavoured Sugar syrup base q.s.

Rapidly minimizes symptoms of Heartburn & acidic belching , swiftly tackles uncomfortable burning sensation between stomach & neck with hyperacidity, Reinforces digestive strength , Soothesburningeso phagusand neck after excessive consumption of spices chillies & hot food & drinks.

Pack size
200 ml