Oxomate capsule is a natural immune booster supplement that helps to improve your body’s immunity and rids you of the health problems caused by a weak immune system. It Provides energy and fights throughout the day fatigue. Improves mental alertness and increases ability to handle stress. Helps improve quality of life.

Ghritkumari 50 mg, Bhringraj 50 mg, Mulethi50 mg, Ashwagandha 50 mg, Shatavar 50 mg, Brahmi 50 mg, Vach 50 mg, Clove 10 mg, Peepal 10 mg, Jaiphal 10 mg, Shunthi 10 mg, Shilajit 50 mg, Amla 50 mg, Harad 50 mg, Vach 50 mg,Jataamanshi 50 mg Kumkuma 50 mg, Loh bhasm 50 mg, Bang bhasm 30 mg.

It improves your stamina. It helps you to fight stress, anxiety and depression. Keeps you active all the day long . Improve s your immunity to fight against diseases. Gives you all the required vitamins and minerals. Betters your concentration, learning power and memory.

Pack size
60 capsule