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There are many such things around us and in the food itself, which if we include in our daily routine, then it controls diseases like diabetes.  But even if we want to taste those things, we are not able to eat because of lack of time.  Biolife Pencreto There is a great medicine for you which happened to be a variety of butcher race foods.  Diabetes control is a mixture of herbs which is helpful in getting rid of your diabetes disease.

Each tablet contains: Gurmar 200 mg, Neem 100 mg, Karela 100 mg, Kalmegh 50mg, Giloy 50 mg, Jamun 100 mg, Amla 50 mg, Ashwagandha 100 mg, Shilajit 100 mg, Saunf 50 mg, harad 50 mg, amba haldi 50 mg, moringa 50 mg, aloevera 50 mg, vijaysar 100 mg, Excipient q.s.


Pack size
100 capsule