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Tulsi is known for its highly beneficial properties that help in achieving a better immunity. Get the goodness of Tulsi and other beneficial ingredients in Tulsi Sat – herbal immunity enhancer. Put 1 drop in your cup of tea or 2 – 4 drops in a glass of water, use Tulsi Sat regularly for great effects. Ideal for your entire family, Tulsi-Sat is made with the finest quality ingredients to deliver best of the best results.

Each ml drops contains: Aqueous extract of Ocimum Sanctum 18%, Ocimum Gralissium 18%, Ocimum Tenuiflorum 18%, Ocimum Basillium 18%, Ocimum Citriotoum 18%, Ocimum Sanctum Oil 10%

Immunity Booster, Tulsi Sat help reduce weight, Helps you relax & reduces Stress, Keep you going & boosts stamina, Abundant in antioxidants & other nutrients, Helps you fight illness & guards against cough & cold, Improves digestion & metabolism, Strengthens Immunity, Eliminates toxins, Stimulates & revitalizes, Enhances respiratory functions, Anti Inflammatory, Anti-Cancer

Pack size:
20 ml