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Suffering from liver problems? Tried many liver tonics, but no results? Fatty liver, unable to eat your favourite fried food? Don’t worry! Zymoliv-sf syrup is here. Just have 2 spoon of Zymoliv and say goodbye to all your liver problems.

Each 10 ml. syrup contains aqueous ext.of: Bhringraj 400mg, Sharpunkha 400mg, Rohitaki Chhal 400mg, Arjuna Chhal 400mg, Ashwagandha 300mg,  Kalmegh 200 mg , Makoi 200mg, Vaividang 200mg, Pitt Papra 200mg , Bhui Amla 200mg, Daru haldi 100mg, Pudina 100mg, Tulsi 100mg, Kasni 100mg, Giloy 100mg, Harad 100mg, Baheda 100mg, Amla 100mg, Chitrak mool 100mg, Jeera 50mg, Saunf 50mg, Flavored syrup base q.s.

A unique herbal tonic for liver Disorders & Digestive problems.

Pack size
200 ml